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Rwanda's Untold Story Documentary

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This World Rwanda's Untold Story BBC Documentary 2014
Twenty years on from the Rwandan genocide, This World reveals evidence that challenges the accepted story of one of the most horrifying events of the late 20th century. The current president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, has long been portrayed as the man who brought an end to the killing and rescued his country from oblivion. Now there are increasing questions about the role of Kagame's Rwandan Patriotic Front forces in the dark days of 1994 and in the 20 years since.
The film investigates evidence of Kagame's role in the shooting down of the presidential plane that sparked the killings in 1994 and questions his claims to have ended the genocide. It also examines claims of war crimes committed by Kagame's forces and their allies in the wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo and allegations of human rights abuses in today's Rwanda.
Former close associates from within Kagame's inner circle and government speak out from hiding abroad. They present a very different portrait of a man who is often hailed as presiding over a model African state. Rwanda's economic miracle and apparent ethnic harmony has led to the country being one of the biggest recipients of aid from the UK. Former prime minister Tony Blair is an unpaid adviser to Kagame, but some now question the closeness of Mr Blair and other western leaders to Rwanda's president.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


The government of Rwanda has repeated many times that it has defeated Fdlr but every time Rwanda government made that claim went again to Congo to fight Fdlr.  Let see how Fdlr was created .  Fdlr was created to protect Rwandan Hutu refugees who were to the point of being exterminated by Paul Kagame . Fdlr came to the rescue of Rwandan Hutu refugees when those refugees were abandoned by international community . If the Fdlr did not have come to the rescue of Rwandan Hutu refugees ,  today we will not be talking about over 250000 hutu refugees still living in Congo. Kagame objectives were to kill all Hutu refugees in Congo as  UN mapping report about Hutu massacres has given details how Kagame targeted women and children of Hutu refugees by killing a hundred thousands .

Fdlr has become a symbol of  Rwandan people who are looking freedom from dictatorial and oppressing regime of Paul Kagame . Fdlr has shown that it is an organization that wants to bring Hutus and Tutsis together and build a long lasting reconciliation and that is why many people now in Rwanda Hutus and Tutsi support Fdlr organization because it is only one way they have left to be free or to have country that respects democracy principals.

Fdlr has won because it has accomplished is main objective to protect Rwandan Hutu refugees who were being exterminated by their owner government that supposed to protect them. Kagame knows that if there is a free election in Rwanda and Fdlr is allowed to participate in it  , Fdlr will win easily the election that is why Kagame does not want to accept Fdlr as political party or negotiate with Fdlr.

I would like to thank Fdlr organization for protecting Hutu refugees in Congo and God may bless all Abacunguzi in their fight for freedom of Rwandan people.

Written by John Karamira

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Rudasingwa Aricuza Agashinja Perezida Kagame Guhanura Indege

Rwanda activist murder 'linked to DRC' conflict

Rwanda activist murder 'linked to DRC' conflict

27 March 2014 Last updated at 13:52 GMT

Diplomatic relations between South Africa and Rwanda have been all but severed over allegations that the government of Paul Kagame was behind the recent murder, in Johannesburg, of a former high-ranking Rwandan intelligence official turned opposition activist.
This month, Pretoria expelled four Rwandan diplomats linking them to that attack, as well as the attempted murder of another Rwandan exile.
Rwanda has denied any involvement.
A BBC investigation has uncovered new information suggesting that the killing may be linked to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which has involved both South Africa and Rwanda.
Gabriel Gatehouse reports from Joha

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Rwanda’s Formula for Success: Murder Your Neighbors and Steal Their Wealth

Global Research, March 27, 2014
Black Agenda Report 26 March 2013

The New York Times touts Rwanda as a place of economic miracles, a country with almost no mineral resources that nevertheless plans to “leapfrog” straight to an information economy. What the Times fails to mention is that Rwanda’s relative prosperity is based on the extermination of its Congolese neighbors and the expropriation of their natural resources.
In the years since 1996, at least 6 million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo as a direct result of an invasion by two U.S. client states: Rwanda and Uganda. It is the greatest slaughter since World War II, yet only a small fraction of the American public is even aware that the genocide occurred. The public remains ignorant of the ongoing crime – in which the United States is fully complicit – because the U.S. corporate media have successfully covered up the murder of millions of Congolese. More than that, organs like the New York Times act as PR agents for the perpetrators of the genocide, especially Rwanda – as exemplified by a puff piece that appeared in the Timesthis week, titled “Rwanda Reaches for New Economic Model.”
The article boosts Rwanda as an African economic success story, a country that is growing at 8 percent a year, even though it has “no oil, natural gas or other major natural resources” and no real industry. The Times takes us on a tour of Rwanda’s fledgling little commodity and stock exchanges, and quotes a government minister bragging that the country’s development plan is to jump directly from an agricultural base to an information economy, “leapfrogging” over the industrial stage of development, altogether.
In fact, the relative prosperity of the minority Tutsi political and business elite, is built on the bones of 6 million dead Congolese and the natural resources looted from their country. Rwanda’s so-called “New Economic Model” is simply pillaging and massacre, theft and murder on a huge scale, in concert with multinational corporations and under the protection of the United States.
A United Nations panel of experts confirmed, in 2001, that both Rwanda and Uganda were building up their own economies by looting eastern Congo’s mineral resources – coltan, diamonds, copper, cobalt and gold – and hauling away timber from Congo’s forests. The investigators found that Rwandan and Ugandan militaries had appropriated Congo’s wealth for themselves to such an extent, that Uganda became a significant diamond exporter, even though it previously produced no diamonds, at all. Ugandan gold exports increased 50-fold between 1994 and 2000. Rwanda increased its gold production 10 to 17 times between 1995 and 2000. Rwanda’s exports of coltan doubled and quadrupled, as did its production of cassiterite, another exotic mineral.
The UN report found Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Ugandan strongman Yoweri Museveni to be accomplices in the systematic looting of Congo, just as a later UN panel found both countries liable for genocidal acts against the Congolese people. Kagame and Museveni have built their economies on the extermination of their neighbors. Yet, the New York Times calls both countries African success stories. This week’s puff piece notes the 20th anniversary of the so-called Rwandan genocide of 1994 – the cause, extent and nature of which is actually in great factual dispute – while making no mention of the much larger loss of life right next store, in Congo, which is the source of the Rwandan elite’s prosperity. And, because the New York Times and its fellow media whores cover up the genocide, the carnage and the looting continue to this very day.
BAR executive editor Glen Ford can be contacted at Glen.Ford@BlackAgendaReport.com .

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Twitter war shines light on how Rwanda intimidates press

Twitter war shines light on how Rwanda intimidates press

An international journalist was denied entry to Rwanda after discovering that a pro-government Twitter account had been falsified by someone within the office of President Paul Kagame, pictured. (Reuters/Ruben Sprich)
An international journalist was denied entry to Rwanda after discovering that a pro-government Twitter account had been falsified by someone within the office of President Paul Kagame, pictured. (Reuters/Ruben Sprich)
"@RFI speak straight up English, frenchie!! U crying? U started not to make sense," was one taunting tweet from a certain prolific Twitter account belonging to "Richard Goldston." The account, since deleted, belonging to a self-proclaimed "anti-imperialist," repeatedly antagonized Radio France Internationale journalist Sonia Rolley for her critical coverage of the deaths of Rwandan government officials-turned-dissidents.
When Rolley tweeted about the killing of former Rwandan spy chief Col. Patrick Karegeya in South Africa in January, indicating her suspicion of Rwandan government involvement, several Rwandan Twitter accounts, including that of "Goldston," tried to discredit Rolley, claiming (without evidence) that she was romantically linked to the former spy chief. "Goldston" routinely criticized the South African government, even referring to President Jacob Zuma as "a black retard" as relations soured. The South African government recently expelled Rwandan diplomats on suspicion of attempted assassination of another former top Rwandan official-turned-dissident, Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa.
Meanwhile, another foreign correspondent who covers Rwanda, Steve Terrill, shot back at "Goldston," requesting an end to the stream of nasty tweets against Rolley.
On March 15, Rwandan immigration blocked Terrill from entering Kigali, Rwanda's capital, to cover the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide for Al-Jazeera and the Christian Science Monitor. "Immigration locked me up for a few hours and then forced me to sign some papers and get on a plane to Addis," Terrill told me. He was not allowed to contact the U.S. Embassy and no reason was provided for the expulsion.
The blocked entry is likely linked to Terrill's discovery about "Goldston." Terrill maintains that the Rwandan government uses at least a dozen false Twitter accounts to counter its critics. These accounts dominated the Twitter discussion about the Karegeya affair, defending the Rwandan regime at every turn, he said. Terrill also believes some pro-government Rwandan news websites are creations from within Kigali's state house--replete with fake staff listings so that Google News and news aggregation site AllAfrica pick up their content.   
Terrill said he contacted then-Communications Director Yolande Makolo in late January, warning her that he had identified the individual in the president's office who was responsible for Goldston's tweets and suggesting they take his account down. "My concern is that if this were to continue, especially if the most offensive material targeting reporters continued [...] it may become a story," he told her, according to his blog.
President Paul Kagame's office tweeted earlier this month: "@RichardGoldston was an unauthorized account run by an employee in the Presidency. It has been deleted and the staff member reprimanded," according to news reports.
Terrill is resigned to the fact that he may never again be allowed into Rwanda, which he considers a second home. He has worked in Rwanda for five years as a correspondent for news outlets including Agence France-Presse and Voice of America. "Without sounding too melodramatic, Rwanda is my favorite place in the world. I feel as if my life is there, so it's heartbreaking," he said.
Tellingly, the "Twitter-Gate" story has made the rounds in the international press but hardly surfaced in Kigali, Terrill and local Rwandan journalists told me. Some local media houses did report the incident, said Fred Muvunyi, the chairperson for the Rwanda Media Commission, a new self-regulating body, but most cited the foreign press and social media networks. "Self-censorship is still there; but there's progress so far and we are encouraging journalists to test the new opportunities given by new media laws," Muvunyi said. Rwanda passed a media law last year that introduced a self-regulating body for the press.
To be sure, Rwanda is not the only East African country accused of using false social media accounts to push government agendas. But what makes Rwanda's "Goldston" example so pernicious is the level at which the Rwandan government uses the media, both locally and regionally, to portray a positive image and silence its detractors. At least two Ugandan and one Kenya-based news publication that routinely portray Kigali in a positive light are directly funded by the Rwandan ruling party, local journalists with knowledge of the publications told me. They asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal.
At the same time, Rwandan intelligence agents directly threaten local and foreign journalists into silence. Andrew Muhanguzi, the brother of critical exiled Rwandan Umuvuguzi news website editor, John-Bosco Gasasira, has been missing since February 16, after having been detained in Kampala by men claiming to be Ugandan police officers. Ugandan police have denied any involvement, local journalists told me. Suspected Rwandan agents have routinely followed and even attempted to raid the home of former Uganda Radio Network journalist Tom Malaba for his reporting on the plight of Rwandan refugees in Uganda, he told me. "When the Rwandan government cannot bribe journalists, they use intimidation," Malaba told me. "Overall these tactics are affecting journalism standards--not just in Rwanda but the East African region."

USA izafatira imyanzuro Perezida Kabila, Kagame, Nkurunziza nibagerageza guhindura itegeko nshinga

Mu kiganiro yagiranye na Radio mpuzamahanga y’Abafaransa “RFI”, Russell Feingold uhagarariye Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika (USA) mu Karere k’Ibiyaga bigari yihanangirije ba Perezida w’uRwanda, uwa Repubulika Iharanira Demokarasi ya Congo (DRC) cyangwa uw’u Burundi  ushobora kugerageza guhindura itegeko nshinga kugira ngo abone uko aguma ku butegetsi kuko ngo uzabikora Amerika izamufatira imyanzuro.
Russel Feingold uhagarariye USA mu Karere k’Ibiyaga bigari yihanangirije aba baperezida kutazahirahira bahindura itegeko nshinga.
Russel Feingold uhagarariye USA mu Karere k’Ibiyaga bigari yihanangirije aba baperezida kutazahirahira bahindura itegeko nshinga.
Umunyamakuru yabajije Russell Feingold ati: Mu myaka itatu iri imbere hazaba amatora muri Congo, mu Burundi, mu Rwanda na Uganda. Leta Zunze Ubumwe za Amerika zizakurikiranira bya hafi aya matora?
Russell Feingold yavuze ko nta kabuza USA izayakurikiranira hafi kandi izagerageza guhagarara ku myanzuro n’uruhande duhagazeho.
Ati “Niyo mpamvu duhamagarira ibyo bihugu kubaha itegeko nshinga ryabyo cyane cyane ku ngingo y’ibijyanye n’umubare wa manda zo kuyobora.”
Russell Feingold yihaniza Perezida uwo ariwe wese muri ibyo bihugu wahirahira ashaka guhindura itegeko nshinga kugura ngo agume ku butegetsi.
Yongera gushimangira amagambo Pereza wa USA, Barack Obama yavugiye muri Ghana ubwo aheruka gusura umugabane wa Afurika, agira ati “Perezida Obama yavuze ko Afurika ikeneye inzego zikomeye idakeneye abantu bakomeye.”
Nyuma y’iri jambo abahanga batandukanye bavuze ko bigaragaza ubushake bwa Amerika mu kubaka inzego n’ubuyobozi bukomeye ariko bushingiye kunzego budashingiye ku muntu ku giti cye, dore ko ari nabyo byakunze kuzahaza ibihugu bya Afurika kuko usanga inzego zubakiye ku muntu umwe ku buryo aramutse avuyeho usanga igihugu gishobora kugira ibibazo.
Russell Feingold, uhagarariye Amerika mu Karere k'Ibiyaga bigari.
Russell Feingold, uhagarariye Amerika mu Karere k’Ibiyaga bigari.
Umunyamakuru wa RFI yongeye kubaza Russell Feingold ati: Perezida Kagame, Kabila na Nkurunziza bari muri manda yabo ya nyuma, nk’uko itegeko nshinga ry’ibyo bihugu ribivuga. USA izakora iki umwe muri abo aramutse agerageje guhindura itegeko nshinga kugira ngo agume ku butegetsi?
Kuri iki kibazo Russell Feingold yavuze hakiri kare kuba yavuga ku myanzuro Amerika yafata kandi ntabyari byaba, ashimangira ko Amerika izabifataho umwanzuro nibiramuka bibaye.
Ati “Ariko ndakeka ko buri umwe muri abo bayobozi azabona akamaro ko kubaha itegeko nshinga uko riri (uko ryatowe n’abaturage).”
N’ubwo Amerika ivuga ibi, Abanyarwanda batandukanye bakunze gusaba Perezida wa Repubulika Paul Kagame kuzakomeza akabayobora kuko ngo bashimishwa n’ibyo amaze kubagezaho.
Abantu benshi bakunze kubaza Perezida wa Repubulika Paul Kagame niba azongera kwiyamaza, n’ubwo akunda kuvuga ko yubaha icyo abaturage bashaka, igisubizo cye gikunze gusoreza ku nteruro imwe igira iti “Ni mutegereze umwaka wa 2017 ugere.”
Ubusanzwe guhindura itegeko nshinga cyane cyane ku ngingo yo guhindura manda z’umukuru w’igihugu bica mu matora rusange y’abaturage azwi nka ‘referendum’.


En bas, écoutez et lisez l’interview exclusive de RFI avec Russ Feingold, l’envoyé special des Etats Unis dans la région des grands lacs d’Afrique. Différentes questions en rapport avec la politique dans la région ont été abordées. On peut citer entre autres, le problème des FDLR, les attaques répétées du gouvernement rwandais contre ses opposants en exil et la possible extension du mandat présidentiel des présidents, Pierre Nkurunziza du Burundi, Paul Kagame du Rwanda et Joseph Kabila de la RDC

Russ Feingold, l'envoyé special des USA dans la région des grands lacs d'Afrique.
Russ Feingold, l’envoyé special des USA dans la région des grands lacs d’Afrique.
RFI : Officiellement, les opérations conjointes Monusco - Armée congolaise contre les FDLR ont été lancées au début du mois. Mais sur le terrain, il n’y a que peu de résultats. Est-ce que vous estimez que suffisamment d’efforts sont faits pour les désarmer ?
Russ Feingold : Je pense que c’est un pas important. Le début de ce qui est, j’espère, une opération sérieuse et durable pour arrêter les FDLR. Les efforts combinés de l’armée congolaise et des FARDC ont porté leurs fruits contre le M23. Apparemment, c’est aussi le cas contre les ADF-Nalu. Et tous ceux qui travaillent sur cette région pensent que c’est très important que cela soit aussi le cas avec les FDLR.
Le gouvernement rwandais accuse l’armée congolaise d’y mettre de la mauvaise volonté. Le groupe d’experts des Nations unies parle de complicité locale entre officiers congolais et FDLR. Est-ce que vous pensez que le gouvernement congolais est de bonne foi dans cette affaire ?
C’est vraiment essentiel que le gouvernement et l’armée congolaise travaillent avec la Monusco pour empêcher les FDLR de poursuivre les agissements. Il y a déjà une coopération. Mais j’appellerai à plus encore de coopération et de soutien des FARDC à la Monusco. Tout cela ne peut se faire que conjointement. Mais je crois que le gouvernement, comme la Monusco, s’est engagé à combattre tous les groupes armés dans l’est du Congo, et particulièrement les FDLR.
Un an après sa création, êtes-vous satisfait du travail accompli par la nouvelle brigade d’intervention ?
J’ai été très impressionné par la nouvelle brigade de l’ONU. L’offensive avec l’armée congolaise contre le M23 était très bien menée. Beaucoup de gens d’ailleurs ne croyaient pas son succès possible. Mais c’est le cas. Il y a aussi une bonne coopération entre la brigade et les FARDC contre un autre groupe meurtrier, les ADF-Nalu qui terrorisaient la population congolaise dans certaines parties de l’est du Congo depuis un moment.
Maintenant, s’assurer que la même chose se produise avec les FDLR est essentiel pour pouvoir continuer de dire que la brigade d’intervention est un succès, qu’elle n’est pas partiale, qu’elle est capable de s’en prendre à tous les groupes armés. Mais je suis optimiste, je pense qu’elle prouvera cela à l’issue des opérations. Donc, ce que je peux dire, c’est que jusqu’ici, tout va bien. Nous soutenons évidemment le renouvellement de son mandat. La manière dont je le vois, c’est que si l’histoire de la brigade s’écrivait dans un livre, les premiers chapitres étaient très bon, espérons que la suite avec les FDLR le soit aussi.
Il y a très peu d’avancée aujourd’hui au Congo dans la réforme du secteur de la sécurité. Depuis le début de l’année, selon la Monusco, l’essentiel des exactions commises l’ont été par l’armée congolaise. Est-ce que cela vous inquiète ?
Cette réforme est essentielle pour l’avenir de la RDC. Avoir une armée, une police, une justice en lesquels la population peut avoir confiance est important pour parvenir à gouverner le pays. Cette réforme du secteur de la sécurité doit prévoir le paiement de salaires décents pour les soldats et cela pourrait se faire facilement à travers les systèmes bancaires développés sur les téléphones portables, plutôt que de se retrouver avec des militaires qui ne sont pas payés. Il faut améliorer la logistique. Mais il faut aussi que ces militaires ou policiers rendent des comptes s’ils commettent des exactions contre la population. Il faut faire plus d’efforts en ce sens. L’un des exemples, c’est le procès de Minova qui est en cours, des militaires accusés d’avoir commis des viols dans la région de Minova sont jugés. Ce genre de procédure, c’est une partie essentielle de la réforme du secteur de la sécurité.
Vous avez récemment été reçu par le président Kagamé et parmi les sujets qui ont été évoqués, il y avait les attaques dont sont victimes les opposants rwandais en Afrique du Sud. Le département d’Etat américain a fait des déclarations très fortes à ce sujet. Quelle a été la réaction du président Kagamé aux inquiétudes de Washington ?
Ce que je lui ai répété, c’est que nous condamnons l’assassinat de Patrick Karegeya et l’attaque contre la maison du Général Kayumba, deux attaques qui ont eu lieu en Afrique du Sud où les deux vivaient en exil. Je lui ai aussi dit que nous étions inquiets par ce qui apparait comme une succession d’attaques à caractère politique contre des figures rwandaises en exil. Mais aussi que certaines des déclarations qui ont été faites par les autorités rwandaises, le président Kagamé inclus, sur les conséquences pour ceux qui trahissent le Rwanda nous préoccupent.
Une démocratie vivante est une démocratie qui accepte les oppositions pacifiques. Ca a été mentionné dans nos échanges. On a parlé de deux sujets différents. L’un d’eux, c’était l’ouverture de l’espace politique, la liberté de la presse et la démocratie au Rwanda. Et l’autre, c’est ce schéma qui semble émerger à l’égard d’opposants en Afrique du Sud. Mais nous avons eu une longue et bonne discussion avec le président à ce sujet.

Dans les trois années à venir, il y aura des élections au Congo, Burundi, Rwanda et en Ouganda. Est-ce que les Etats-Unis vont suivre de près ces processus électoraux ?

Oui, nous allons suivre cela de près et nous allons essayer d’être aussi cohérents que possible avec ce que nous défendons dans nos prises de positions. Et c’est pourquoi nous appellerons instamment la RDC et ses voisins à respecter leurs Constitutions et cela inclut les dispositions sur la limitation du nombre de mandats. Le président Obama a dit que ce dont l’Afrique avait besoin, ce n’était pas d’hommes forts, mais d’institutions fortes. Je l’ai dit publiquement et dans la plupart de ces capitales, ce n’est pas une bonne pratique de modifier la Constitution simplement pour le bénéfice de celui ou de ceux qui sont au pouvoir.
Les présidents Kabila, Kagame et Nkurunziza en sont à leurs derniers mandats selon leurs Constitutions respectives. Comment réagiraient les Etats-Unis s’ils modifiaient d’une quelconque manière leurs Constitutions pour rester au pouvoir ?
Ce n’est qu’une hypothèse pour le moment. Nous verrons comment y répondre si la situation se présente. Mais je tiens à répéter ce en quoi nous croyons : c’est notre expérience et notre conseil à nos amis dans ces pays, le respect de la Constitution est important, très important pour la population pour qu’elle ait l’impression de pouvoir participer et choisir son président, très important aussi pour la réputation internationale de ces pays, de prouver qu’ils peuvent avoir des transitions pacifiques. Ce que j’espère, c’est que chacun de ces dirigeants va voir à quel point c’est important que leur Constitution soit respectée. C’est ce qui va aussi conditionner la manière dont sera perçu leur héritage politique en tant que dirigeants de leurs pays.
Vous souteniez l’idée de l’importance d’un dialogue entre les chefs d’Etat des pays de la région. Où en est cette initiative ?
C’est un succès, nous sommes ravis qu’au sommet de la CIRGL, la conférence internationale sur la région des Grands Lacs, à Luanda en janvier, la présidence de l’organisation soit revenue au président Dos Santos d’Angola. Il a immédiatement pris la décision de s’engager dans cette direction en posant des jalons pour créer justement cet espace de dialogue dont la région a besoin. Il a réuni les présidents du Rwanda, de la RDC, de l’Ouganda et même de l’Afrique du Sud. Et maintenant, il y a des suites significatives, d’abord pour régler le problème des FDLR.
Ce que j’espère et je pense que c’est aussi le souhait des chefs d’Etat de la région que ce dialogue au niveau des chefs d’Etat continue pour régler d’autres problèmes, comme les entraves au retour des réfugiés, la création d’opportunités économiques, la sécurité aux frontières, tout ce qui est à l’origine des problèmes dans l’est du Congo. En quelques mois, on est passé d’un accord-cadre avec des objectifs à un dialogue plus substantiel et essentiel entre les dirigeants des pays de la région. Tous les envoyés spéciaux de la communauté internationale ont encouragé ce processus. Et je félicite les présidents de la région et particulièrement le président Dos Santos pour faire des pas dans la bonne direction.

Source: RFI

Rwanda : Création d’une opposition politique pour le changement

cdc-rwandaAu Rwanda, quatre partis de l’opposition se sont réunis pour former la « Coalition des partis politiques pour le changement » (CDC). Il s’agit du Parti socialiste (PS-Imberakuri), de la Rwanda Dream Initiative (RDI-Rwanda Rwiza), de l’Union Démocratique Rwandaise (UDR) et des Forces Démocratiques de Libération du Rwanda (FDLR).
Ils  ont présenté mercredi leur projet commun en faveur d’un « changement profond » au Rwanda. Ils réclament du président Paul Kagame, la fin de la « dictature du régime» et plus d’ouverture politique ainsi que le retour des réfugiés installés, depuis vingt ans, dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo.
D’après  Faustin Twagiramungu, président de FDLR et ancien Premier ministre du Rwanda, trois autres organisations politiques,  le Parti pour la Démocratie au Rwanda (PDR-Ihumure), le Pacte démocratique du Peuple (PDP-Imanzi) et les Forces Démocratiques Unifiées (FDU-Inkingi) ont entamé les négociations pour rejoindre la coalition.
Il faut noter que les FDU-Inkingi ne sont pas reconnues par les autorités au pouvoir au Rwanda et leur présidente, Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, a été condamnée à quinze ans de prison après son retour d’exil de la Hollande. Les FLDR quant à elles, ont déposé les armes seulement le 30 décembre dernier, pour s’engager dans le combat politique. Sans cela, elles seraient devenues la cible de l’armée congolaise qui, avec l’appui des Casques bleus de la Mission de l’ONU pour la stabilisation en RDC (Monusco), poursuit les groupes armés présents dans l’est de ce pays.
Les FLDR se présentent  comme le porte-parole des refugiés. Tout en comptant sur le soutien de la communauté internationale, la CDC a lancé un appel à la population rwandaise, en particulier la jeunesse, à soutenir sa cause et les initiatives visant à amener le changement démocratique dans ce pays.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stolen iPad led to expulsions

Abram Mashego
An iPad stolen from the house of an exiled Rwandan general’s home led to the expulsion of the three diplomats from the Rwandan mission in Pretoria, sources said yesterday.

The tablet, allegedly stolen during the raid at the house of former Rwandan army chief Gen Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa in Johannesburg, was destined for Kigali but was found in a diplomatic bag.

Sources said the search was sparked off by the investigators’ suspicion as they probed the incident – and the death of the slain Rwandan national Patrick Karegeya.

It is understood that due to diplomatic immunity from prosecution, the investigators were unable to arrest the suspects as they were diplomats. Instead the diplomats were ordered to return to their country with the hope of cooperation from the Rwandan government.

But Rwanda, which has accused South Africa of harbouring terrorists, retaliated by ordering out six South African envoys.

The incident has strained relations between the two countries, both involved in efforts to bring peace to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where South Africa has deployed troops.

UN experts say the rebels receive support from the Rwandan government.

Nyamwasa is critical of the Rwandan government and

has held meetings with his compatriots to bring change in his country.


''Shut up or I'll kill you''

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''Shut up or I'll kill you''

General Kayumba Nyamwasa residence attacked by gunmen in Johannesburg (South Africa)
Kayumba Nyamwasa
Kayumba Nyamwasa

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Over ten years ago Allison Des Forges, the first prominent researcher on Rwanda and the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, wrote about Kagame and how he eliminates his political dissidents with impunity. Kagame goes to great lengths to imprison, kill or drive into exile and then even hunts them down in exile to silence them.
Once again, another Rwandan Political Opposition figure has faced an attempt on his life. The details are still developing as the South African Police investigate the situation.
The Rwanda National Congress has released the following press release regarding the situation:
    Washington DC, March 4, 2014

    The Rwandan opposition platform RNC, FDU-Inkingi and Amahoro People's congress unreservedly condemns the armed attack on the residence of General Kayumba Nyamwasa in Johannesburg (South Africa) by gunmen while the residents were away. We are thankful that nobody was injured. South African police and security services are investigating the attack. This is a third attempt on his life since his exile in South Africa in 2010.

    The international community has witnessed the assassination of another opposition leader, Colonel Patrick Karegeya on December 31, 2013, in Johannesburg (South Africa).

    On January 12, 2014 during a breakfast prayer function in Kigali (Rwanda), President Kagame commenting on the murder of the late Patrick Karegeya, confirmed that those who oppose his murderous rule should expect consequences and that it was just a matter of time.

    To the Rwandan people, it is time to stop this criminal onslaught on Rwandan citizens. Our members and many other Rwandans know this is unacceptable and believe that an attack on one of us is an attack on all who support peace and the rule of law. As we have said before we shall never up or give in until all Rwandans are free.

    Let us unite, mobilize and organize!

    Further details will be communicated later.

    On behalf of the opposition Platform RNC, FDU-INKINGI and

    Amahoro People's Congress,

    Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa
    Rwanda National Congress.
Unconfirmed reports are stating that the Police in South Africa will hold a press conference on March 5, 2014. All signs point to President Kagame and the hit squads he uses. The timing of this attempt is predictable in his pattern. President Kagame uses worldly distractions when he wants to eliminate someone. General Nyamwasa faced two attempts on his life during the World Cup held in South Africa; he used New Year’s Eve to eliminate Patrick Karegeya and now the world is watching the developments in Russia and the trial in South Africa and Kagame has struck again. His predictability is troubling but more troubling is that the International Community turns a blind eye to these gave acts.

FDLR Abacunguzi with international media

FDLR Abacunguzi Imaze imyaka irwana ku mpunzi z' abahutu muri Congo, imaze iminsi ivugwa ku mbuga mpuzamahanga. BBC. AlJazeera, RFI na PBS, bose baganiriye n' abayobozi ba FDLR ku byerekeye imigambi yabo. Muri urwo rwego, umuvugizi mukuru wa FDLR yaganiriye n' abanyamakuru baturutse muri USA, aho yabahaye ubutumwa bwo kugeza ku bugezi ba USA.

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genocide des hutu au Congo


Un documentaire sur la tragédie du peuple Hutu rwandais et congolais.

Fpr Inkotanyi niyo yatangiye kwica abahutu

Kagamé en guerre contre ses opposants


Les Massacres de Kibeho

RPF crimes against Hutu refugees in Congo

DRC plans attack on Rwandan rebels


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Inkuru ya Patrice Mutabazi
Musanze, Kuwa 14 Werurwe 2014
Mu minsi ishize mwumvise inkundura yatejwe n’inama « Kaminuza » yatumijwe na Bwana Faustin Twagiramungu wigeze kuba Minisitiri w’intebe muri guverinoma ya mbere ya FPR ikimara gufata ubutegetsi muri Nyakanga 94 akaza kweguzwa mu mwaka wakurikiye ho wa 95, ndetse akaba yaranabaye Perezida w’ishyaka MDR ryaje gucika mo ibice muri 93, ndetse rikaza guseswa n’ubutegetsi bwa FPR Inkotanyi mu mwaka wa 2003, mbere y’amatora ya Perezida wa Repubulika uyu Twagiramungu yaniyamamaje mo maze FPR ikamugenera amajwi atatu ku ijana gusa.
Iyo nama rero yatumijwe na Bwana Twagiramungu Faustin yayitumije shishi itabona ndetse abenshi bagaragaza ko umuvuduko wayo utuma bibaza icyo bihishe.
Mu gutumira iyo nama bwana Twagiramungu yasaga n’uwotsa igitutu abo yayitumiraga mo maze bamwe bamwandikira bamusaba kugabanya umurego (vitesse) kugira ngo babone uburyo bwo kwitegura neza icyo gikorwa cy’ingirakamaro. Aho kugira ngo umukambwe Twagiramungu yumve impungenge yagezwaga ho na bamwe mubo yari yagejeje ho igitekerezo cye, ahubwo yagiye aca inyuma akareba abandi bantu bo muri ayo mashyaka kugira ngo bashyigikire igitekerezo cye bityo yerekane ko ari we ushoboye guhuza abanyarwanda batavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi bwa FPR.
Amwe mu mashyaka yagaragaje izo impungenge aterwa n’umuvuduko wa Bwana Faustin Twagiramungu ni FDU-Inkingi, FDLR, PS-Imberakuri na PDR-Ihumure. Ishyaka FDLR ryabanje gutangaza ko ritazitabira iyo nama bishyirwa ho umukono na Perezida w’agateganyo wa FDLR, Gén. Major Byiringiro Victor hasigaye iminsi ibiri gusa ngo inama ya mbere iterane. Nyuma y’umunsi umwe, uwo mu Général yasohoye irindi tangazo rivuguruza irya mbere ariko ntiyigera avuga niba irya mbere bararimwitiriye atari irye. Ikigaragara ni uko yaba yarashyizwe ho igitutu, dore ko n’ubundi FDLR yari imaze iminsi isinye ubufatanye n’ishyaka rya Faustin Twagiramungu ndetse na PS-Imberakuri bagahurira mu rugaga bise FCLR-RDI. Mu ishyaka FDU-Inkingi bo bemeye gusa kujya gukurikira inama nk’indorerezi, ariko intumwa zari zahagarariye FDU-Inkingi ngo zageze yo zihabwa indi mirimo kuko n’ubundi zari zisanzwe hari ibyo zateguranaga na Twagiramungu Faustin nk’uko turi bubigaruke ho mu kanya. Nyuma y’aho Dr. Nkiko Nsengimana, Umuhuzabikorwa wa FDU-Inkingi yasohoye itangazo avuga ko FDU-inkingi itazitabira ibiganiro bya kabiri byagombaga gukomeza ku itariki ya 15 Gashyantare 2014, bitarenze umunsi umwe, Bwana Twagirimana Boniface, Umuyobozi wungirije w’agateganyo wa FDU-Inkingi, yasohoye na we irindi tangazo avuga ko FDU-Inkingi izitabira ibyo biganiro, ndetse ahita anavuga ko ba Bwana Michel Niyibizi na Joseph Bukeye Michel Niyibizi na Joseph Bukeye ari bo bazahagararira ishyaka rya FDU muri ibyo biganiro. Ishyaka PDR-Ihumure n’ubwo ryitabiriye ibyo biganiro havugwa ko ryabyitabiriye riseta ibirenge ndetse ko ku munota wa nyuma ryanze no gusinyira kwinjira muri iyo mpuzamashyaka nshya. Muri PS-Imberakuri naho Me Bernard Ntaganda yasohoye itangazo ryanditse n’intoki aho ari muri Gereza ya Nyanza avuga ko ibyemezo byafashwe na Vice-Perezida wa PS-Imberakuri, Alexis Bakunzibake, byo kwifatanya na FDLR atari ibyemezo by’ishyaka ko bityo nta gaciro bifite. Ndetse twanakwibutsa ko Dr. Paulin Murayi wari usanzwe ari umuyoboke wa RNC yitabiriye ibiganiro bya Bwana Twagiramungu maze agahita asezera muri RNC akanashinga ishyaka rye rishya. Uko mu bibona rero iyi gahunda ya Twagiramungu aho guhuza amashyaka imaze kuyazambya ku buryo byatumye dushakisha amakuru ahamye kuri iyi gahunda ya Bwana Twagiramungu Faustin. Tubanze ariko twibukiranye uruhare Twagiramungu yamye agira mu gusenya opposition ndetse n’uko yagiye yitwara muri politiki muri rusange.
A.   Twagiramungu Faustin mu gusenya MDR.
Muribuka mwese mu myaka ya 91-94 ukuntu Bwana Twagiramungu Faustin yitwaye. Uyu mugabo yabyukije ishyaka rya MDR ryibutsaga benshi MDR-Parmehutu maze bituma abantu benshi bariyoboka cyane cyane ko uyu Twagiramungu ari n’umukwe wa Kayibanda Grégoire wabaye Perezida wa Répubulika ya mbere y’u Rwanda nyuma yo gusezererwa kw’ingoma ya cyami. Abantu benshi rero bari bafite aho bahuriye n’ishyaka MDR-Parmehutu barariyobotse maze rigira abayoboke benshi rirakomera aribwo Twagiramungu yatangiraga kuririmba ngo turashaka Rukokoma ku buryo iryo zina rya Rukokoma banahise barimuhimba. Muri gahunda yo kurwanya ingoma ya Habyarimana, Twagiramungu Faustin yifatanije na FPR-Inkotanyi yarwanaga n’ubutegetsi bwa Habyarimana icyo gihe. Twagiramungu yaranzwe n’imyitwarire itagira gitangira cyane cyane ku gihugu cyari mo intambara ku buryo abantu benshi bemeza ko uyu mugabo ari mubafashije ku buryo budasubirwa ho FPR-Inkotanyi gufata ubutegetsi. Aha twakwibutsa nk’igihe yagiye gusinyana na FPR amasezerano yo gukorera hamwe i Bujumbura mu Burundi ndetse n’i Buruseli mu Bubiligi cg igihe yavugiraga ku ma radio no mu binyamakuru “ngo niyo Byumba yafatwa nta kibazo” ngo kuko aribyo byatuzanira amahoro. Nyamara n’ubwo tutari bubitinde ho cyane uyu mugabo Twagiramungu Faustin ntiyigeze atekereza miliyoni y’impunzi zari za Nyacyonga zarirukanywe za Byumba na Ruhengeri na FPR-Inkotanyi ndetse ntiyanigeze atekereza ku ngaruka amagambo nk’ariya yagize ku basirikare barwaniraga igihugu muri kiriya gihe.
Uyu mugabo rero nyuma yaje gushaka kuba ari nawe wandikwa mu masezerano ya Arusha nka minisitiri w’intebe wa guvernoma y’inzibacyuho ihurihwe ho na FPR, maze mu guhangana n’uwari kuri uwo mwanya, Dr. Dismas Nsengiyaremye, aca inyuma yifashisha FPR ngo ibimushyigikire mo. MDR imaze kubona ko Twagiramungu arimo kugambanira ishyaka yafashe icyemezo cyo kumukura ku buyobozi bw’ishyaka ariko kubera ko FPR na MRND byamushyigikiye icyo cyemezo nticyigeze cyubahirizwa; ahubwo cyaciye ishyaka rya MDR mo ibice ndetse iyi inkubiri iza no gusatira andi mashyaka nka PL. Ng’uko uko Twagiramungu yashenye opozisiyo bwa mbere kubera gushaka gutegeka ku ngufu.
B.   Twagiramungu Faustin ku birebana n’impunzi zari muri Kongo.
Ubwo Twagiramungu Faustin yari minisitiri w’intebe wa guverinoma ya FPR yabwiye abari bashinzwe gutanga imfashanyo ku mpunzi, ko abahutu azi ukuntu bakunda ibiryo, maze abasaba ko aho kujyana ibiryo muri Kongo mu makambi y’impunzi babishyira k’umupaka w’u Rwanda bakareba ko impunzi zidahita zitaha. 
C.   Twagiramungu mu guhunga nyuma yo kweguzwa ku mwanya wa minisitiri w’intebe.
Mu gihe Twagiramungu Faustin yahungaga amaze kweguzwa ku mwanya wa minisitiri w’intebe muri 1995, nyuma y’aho gato akaza no gutangaza ko iyo adasohoka mu gihugu vuba yari kwicwa, urebye usanga ari ikinyoma cyambaye ubusa kubera ko usanga hari ukuntu hari ho ubwumvikane hagati ye na FPR! Nk’uko byabonywe n’abantu bari ku kibuga icyo gihe, ubwo Faustin Twagiramungu yageraga ku kibuga cy’indege cya Zaventem mu Bubiligi yari aherekejwe na Kadogo (agasore k’agasirikari ka FPR gafite imbunda).
Uwo Kadogo yakomeje kubana na Twagiramungu iwe mu rugo rwe, ku buryo n’abagiye gusura Twagiramungu n'umuryango we basangaga uwo musirikari aho iwabo, muri salon, kwa Twagiramungu, uwo Kadogo nawe agakurikirana ibiganiro hamwe n’abo bashyitsi bose na bene urugo, ari nako acigatiye iyo mbunda ye ya Kalachnikov. Uwo Kadogo yahamaze amezi atatu yose yirirwa, akanarara kwa Twagiramungu.
Ababonye ibyo bintu barumiwe; na n’ubu baracyibaza ukuntu mu gihugu cyo mu Burayi nk’Ububiligi, hari umutekano mwinshi kuri buri wese, ahantu umuntu ashobora kumara imyaka 20 adaciye iryera umusirikari ucigatiye imbunda, Twagiramungu we yemerewe ko ibyo bintu bimukorerwa ho, n'inzego z’ubutasi zo mu Bubiligi ntizibyange!
D.  Twagiramungu mu matora ya Perezida wa Repubulika ya 2003.
Ubwo Twagiramungu Faustin yajyaga mu Rwanda kwiyamamariza amatora ya Perezida muri 2003, Abanyarwanda benshi bari barambiwe akarengane bagirirwa na FPR baramushigikiye ndetse baranamutora n’ubwo ubutegetsi bwa FPR bwamwibye amajwi maze mu rwego rwo kumusuzugura bukamugenera amajwi atatu ku ijana gusa!
Ariko icyababaje abantu kandi kikabereka ko uyu mugabo nta mpuhwe n’ubutwari agira, ni ukuntu akimara gutsindwa yahise akura mo ake karenge akisubirira mu Burayi, maze abari bamushyigikiye k’umugaragaro bose FPR ikabahuka mo ikabica, ikabatoteza ikabafunga, ikabirukana ku kazi, abashoboye bagahunga, ariko Twagiramungu akaruca akarumira. Kuba yarahunze niba koko byari ugukiza amagara ye ntawabimuhora cyane ariko kuba yarageze hanze ntanibuke kuvugira abo asize mu gihugu byerekanye ko atigeze yita ku bandi bantu, ko we buri gihe areba inyungu ze gusa.
Ikindi kandi cyatangaje abantu ndetse benshi bakanakibona mo ko Twagiramungu Faustin yagumye kuri gahunda na FPR, ni uko kuva yahunga yagumanye passeport y’u Rwanda,akaba atarigeze yaka ubuhungiro nk’abandi bose batotejwe na FPR, ahubwo akaza no kubona ubwenegihugu bw’u Bubiligi adaciye ku buhungiro nk’uko abenshi baba hanze y’u Rwanda bagiye babigenza. Ikindi gitangaje ni ukuntu FPR yamufashije kubona akazi ubwo yamusinyiraga ngo akore abone akazi k’ubuconsultance muri ONG internationale.
E.   Twagiramungu mu kugaruka mu ruhando rw’amashyaka.
Twagiramungu kuva yahunga bwa mbere muri 1995 yakomeje gukora politiki haba mu rwego rw’ishyaka FRD yari yarashinze hamwe na nyakwigendera Seth Sendashonga n’abandi nka Eugène Ndahayo, haba mu biganiro mbwirwaruhame binyuranye yagiye atanga. Ariko icyagaragaye ni uko ikintu cyo gukorana n’abandi atigeze agishobora. Muri FRD yashwanye na Eugène Ndahayo bituma arivamo arisigira Ndahayo. Nyuma habaye ubushake bw’Abanyarwanda bari bibumbiye mu mashyaka atandukanye bwo gushyira ho impuzamashyaka ariko nta na rimwe Twagiramungu yigeze yemera kugira impuzamashyaka n’imwe ayoboka. Mu ivuka rya FDU-Inkingi, Twagiramungu yanze kuyitabira n’ubwo yatumiwe mu biganiro byo kuyitegura. Ihuriro RNC rivuka,  Twagiramungu yagiye mu biganiro ariko ananiranwa n’abandi barishinze.
Nyuma y’aho, nibwo Twagiramungu yashinze ishyaka rye rya RDI Rwanda Rwiza, ubwo yari amaze kuva kubonana na bamwe mu bategetsi ba Leta Zunze Ubumwe z’Amerika bakamubwira ko bazamuha inkunga ari uko yabashije guhuza opozisiyo.
Kuva iryo shyaka ryashingwa kugeza ubu, ryatakaje abayoboke benshi, bagiye binubira imikorere idasobanutse ya Bwana Faustin Twagiramungu.
F.     Twagiramungu na Karangwa Semushi Gérard muri gahunda yo gusubiramu Rwanda.
Mu mezi yashize Bwana Twagiramungu Faustin yatangaje ko agiye gusubira mu Rwanda kwandikisha ishyaka rye rya RDI-Rwanda Rwiza, ndetse muri uwo mugambi akaba yari kujyana na Bwana Karangwa Semushi Gérard wa PDP-Imanzi. Hasigaye igihe gito ngo itariki yo kugenda igere, Bwana Twagiramungu Faustin yakoresheje inama mbwirwaruhame amenye asezera k’umugaragaro. Icyatangaje abantu benshi kandi kikanabatungura ni uko k’umunsi wo gutaha mu Rwanda, Faustin Twagiramungu yatangarije abanyarwanda n’amahanga ko atagitashye ngo kubera ko u Rwanda rwanze kongera igihe cya passeport ye y’u Rwanda ndetse ruknga no kumuha visa muri passeport ye y’imbiligi! Ubwo Bwana Karangwa Semushi Gérard we yahise afata indege ajya mu Rwanda aho yagerageje kwandikisha ishyaka rye, PDP-Imanzi, amaze gutangaza ko ari we Perezida waryo, ko akuye ho Mushayidi ufungiye mu Rwanda; ariko nyuma ntibyamukundiye, ahitamo kugaruka mu Burayi nyuma y’amezi atandatu, ndetse aza no gusubira mu Rwanda, nyuma y’aho ishyaka PDP-Imanzi ritangarije ko atakiri mu buyobozi bwaryo.
Abakurikiranira hafi aya makuru, bemeza ko ibi byose ari ukuyobya uburari. Karangwa Semushi, inzego z’iperereza z’igihugu cy’u Buholandi zatangiye ku mukurikiranira hafi nk’umuntu wakoreraga inzego z’iperereza z’u Rwanda mu ibanga. Ndetse uwo mugabo yiyegereje cyane Abanyarwanda bo mu Buholandi batavuga rumwe n’ubutegetsi cyane cyane abo muri FDU-Inkingi agamije kubageza mu maboko ya FPR mu ibanga. Ni muri urwo rwego yiyegereje Mme Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza amubeshya ko ashobora gukorera politiki mu Rwanda nta nkomyi. Ndetse akigera mu Rwanda, Karangwa Semushi, yahise yihutira gusura Mme Victoire Ingabire muri gereza aho afungiye, mu rwego rwo kureba niba hari icyo yamusaba kwemerera guveroma y’u Rwanda ngo arebe niba yafungurwa. Inzego z’ubutasi kandi z’ibihugu by’i Burayi zatangaje Bwana Karangwa Semushi nk’uhagarariye inyeshyamba za M23 mu Burayi, uretse ko ayo makuru yagizwe ibanga.
Icyo FPR-Inkotanyi yashakaga cyane kwari ugusenya ishyaka FDU-Inkingi. Ibyo FPR yabigerageje iciye kuri bamwe bayobozi bayo mu Burayi cyokora bagenzi babo bababera ibamba, umugambi urapfuba. Bamwe muri abo bayobozi bivugwa ko bari bafite n’umugambi wo kwandikisha ishyaka bakariha abayobozi bashya bitwaje ko Victoire Ingabire yakatiwe n’urukiko bityo akaba adashobora kuguma kuba Umuyobozi Mukuru w’ishyaka. Ubwo ngo FPR yari yarijeje abo bayobozi ko nibamara kubikora, izarekura Mme Victoire Ingabire. Bagenzi babo bamaze kubona ayo amacenga ya FPR cyane cyane ko babonye ko icyo FPR igamije ari ugusenya FDU-Inkingi gusa bityo ntizanafungure Mme Ingabire, banze ko ishyaka ryandikwa mu gihe Mme Ingabire agifunze, bityo umugambi uba urapfuye. Uwo mugambi iyo uza kugerwa ho, bamwe mu bayobozi ba FDU-Inkingi baba mu Burayi ngo bagombaga kujya kwandikisha ishyaka bagakorana na Twagiramungu na Semushi bavuga ko mu Rwanda hari uburenganzira bw’amashyaka ariko mu by’ukuri ari ukuyobya uburari kubera ko aba bantu bari kuba bakorera m’ukwaha kwa FPR.  Gusenya FDU-Inkingi bimaze kunanirana nibwo FPR yahinduye stratégie maze isaba Twagiramungu kudataha ahubwo akabanza agakemura ikibazo cya FDU-Inkingi aribyo arimo muri iyi minsi.
G.   Twagiramungu mu kwiyegereza FDLR.
Muri rwa rwego rwo gusenya FDU-Inkingi ndetse ataretse na opposition yose, Bwana Twagiramungu yabonye iturufu. Mu gihe byagaragaraga ko amahanga amaze gusenya M23 akoresheje ingabo zigize brigade d’intervention rapide ya MONUSCO yiteguraga gutera FDLR, Bwana Twagiramungu yahise yiyerekana nk’umucunguzi. Agendeye ku magambo yari yavuzwe n’abategetsi ba Tanzaniya basaba guverinoma y’u Rwanda kugirana ibiganiro na FDLR yahise ashaka kwerekana ko ariwe ushobora gutuma ibyo biganiro biba, ko ariwe utagira ubwandu ushobora kuvugira FDLR yari yarabaye ruvumwa. Bamwe mu bakunzi ba FDLR bahise bamubona mo umukiza batarebye kure ndetse baniyibagije uko Twagiramungu yagiye yitwara ku kibazo cya FDLR kuva kera no kugeza vuba, nk’igihe yangaga gukorana n’abashinze RNC abashinja gukorana na FDLR!
Itohoza twakoze ryagaragaje ko icyo Twagiramungu agamije atari ugukiza FDLR, ndetse ko atari no gushyira opposition hamwe. Icyo agamije ni ukwerekana ko ariwe ufite ubushobozi bwo guhuza opposition yose ubundi akongera akaba kamara (incontournable) muri politiki nyarwanda. Ikindi agamije ni ugushyira amashyaka yose hamwe na FDLR, cyane cyane FDU-Inkingi inafite umuyobozi ufunze akaba mubyo azira hari mo ibyo gukorana na FDLR. Ibyo byamara kugerwa ho, FPR ikaba ibonye iturufu yo kwereka isi yose ko iyo mpuzamashyaka irimo abantu bashinjwa iterabwoba na jenoside ko icyo igamije ari ukongera kumara abatutsi, maze ibihugu bisanzwe byikundira Kagame bigahita bifatira ibihano abari muri iyo mpuzamashyaka bose, Twagiramungu we agakora imishyikirano na leta y’u Rwanda akitahira, nk’uko ba Rwarakabije babigenje, maze abasigaye bagasigara bahanganye n’amahanga ntawe ugishoboye kuvugira undi kuko bose bazaba biswe abaterabwoba (terroristes). Na none kandi kubera ko Twagiramungu azaba yamenye amabanga yose ya FDLR ndetse yanacengeye ibihugu bishobora kumva FDLR byose azahita abishyikiriza FPR, maze FDLR ibyayo bibe birangiriye aho, igabwe ho ibitero izime burundu.
H.   Twagiramungu mu kubeshya amashyaka ko ashaka kuyashyira hamwe.
Gahunda rero Bwana Twagiramungu ahuriye ho na Leta y’u Rwanda akanayifatanya na Karangwa Semushi Gérard kugira ngo igerwe ho neza kandi opozisiyo izime burundu, basanze ari ukugerageza kuyishyira mo amashyaka yose cyane cyane akomeye atera ubwoba Kigali. Ni muri urwo rwego Twagiramungu yatumiye ayo mashyaka mu nama yise “Kaminuza” ngo yari igamije gushyira ho Impuzamashyaka bose bahuriye mo. Kubera ko yari aziko muri ayo mashyaka hari abamuzi neza batamushira amakenga yagiye yiyegereza bamwe mu bagize inzego z’ayo mashyaka, ndetse akanagenda aca ku bayobozi banyuranye ba buri shyaka mu rwego rwo kubasobanya ngo hakunde hagire abamushyigikira. Niko byagenze muri FDU-Inkingi, ubwo Faustin Twagiramungu yihereraga inshuti ze ziri mu buyobozi bw’ishyaka FDU-Inkingi zikamwizeza kuzakora ibishoboka byose FDU-Inkingi ikitabira iyo Mpuzamashyaka. Gusa ibi ntbyashobotse kubera ko Bwana Nkiko Nsengimana yasabye Twagiramungu kumuha ibisobanuro birambuye kuri iyo Mpuzamashyaka ashaka gushinga. Twagiramungu yanze kugira icyo amutangariza maze Nkiko akora itangazo avuga ko ishyaka FDU-Inkingi rivuye muri ibyo biganiro. Ubwo abari bijeje Twagiramungu kuzamufasha kwinjiza FDU muri iyo Mpuzamashyaka babonye ko bigiye kubapfubana niko gushyira igitutu kuri Bwana Twagirimana Boniface, Umuyobozi wungirije w’agateganyo wa FDU, maze akora itangazo rivuguruza irya Bwana Nkiko, ndetse ahita avuga n’amazina y’abazahagararira iryo shyaka muri iyo nama kaminuza. Cyakoze kubera ko impamvu Bwana Nkiko yari yatanze zari zitomoye, Bwana byabaye ngombwa ko Bwana Boniface Twagirimana abwira abazahagarrarira ishyaka FDU ko batazagira icyo basinyira kongere y’ishyaka itaracyemera. Ubwo Twagiramungu aba atsinze igitego cya mbere muri gahunda yo gusenya FDU-Inkingi.
Irindi shyaka ritera ubwoba Leta ya Kigali ni RNC. Iri shyaka ryahise ryizibukira ubutumire bwa Twagiramungu cyane cyane ko ryibukaga ko yarishinjaga gukorana na FDLR none akaba ariwe ushaka Impuzamashyaka ihuriwe mo na FDLR. Ibyo Bwana Dr. Paulin Murayi wari usanzwe aba muri RNC ari ugushaka inzira y’ibusamo yamugeza ku butegetsi, yahise abyuririra ho avuga ko avuye muri RNC ndetse ahita ashinga ishyaka rishya yise UDR. Gusa impamvu yatanze ni agahenda abana. Impamvu nyazo ni uko yari ku isiri na Twagiramungu kuva kera, ndetse akaba yari yarananiwe kwitoza ku buyoyobozi bwa RNC i Buruseli mu Bubiligi ndetse bikaniyongera ho ko uwari inshuti ye muri RNC, Colonel Patrick Karegeya, yari amaze kwivuganwa na FPR-Inkotanyi muri Afurika y’Epfo.
I.     Abafatanije na Twagiramungu.
Abantu bafatanije na Twagiramungu muri iyi gahunda bari mo ibice byinshi. Hari abazi neza gahunda uko iteye, abo bakaba bakorana na FPR-Inkotanyi. Hari mo abandi bari basanzwe mu yandi mashyaka ariko ishyaka ribari ku mutima ari FDLR. Aba bagize ngo noneho FDLR igiye kubona uruvugiro batazi ko ari amayeri y’inkotanyi. Hari abandi, cyane cyane abo muri FDU-Inkingi, bari bafitanye amasinde na bagenzi babo batari barigeze bemera nyabyo, bahise bavuga bati tubonye uburyo bwo kubikiza, kubera ko muri iyi mpuzamashyaka batakibakeneye. Hari abandi bari basanzwe bafitiye urwango abatutsi bityo bakaba batemeraga ubufatanye hagati ya FDU na RNC ariko ntibatinyuke kubivuga ku mugaragaro. Aba nabo bahise bavuga bati tubonye “umwami w’Abahutu”, Bwana Faustin Twagiramungu, reka duhite dukora ibishoboka byose Impuzamashyaka twari mo na RNC isenyuke.
J.    Umwanzuro.
Urwishe ya nka muri opozisiyo nyarwanda ruracyayirimo kubera ko nk’uko bigaragara. Kubona umuntu utanafite ishyaka rikomeye cg rimaze igihe aza akavurunga amashyaka yose kandi yifitiye gahunda ze, maze abantu bati twacitswe, bagatangira kuryana no gushwana, bigaragaza ko abenshi bataramenya uko politiki ikorwa muri iki gihe, ndetse n’imitego yose FPR ikoresha ngo isenye abayirwanya.
Nk’uko byaje kugaragara, Twagiramungu kubera amacenga yagiye akoresha muri politiki kuva muri 1990 kugeza ubu, nta muti w’ibibazo by’u Rwanda afite, kandi abazamwishinga bazarya ishingwe. Uyu muzehe icyo yishakira ni umwanya azasazira ho awuhawe na FPR, ariko kugira ngo awubone agomba kubanza kuyikorera akazi ko gutoba opozisiyo nyarwanda. Cyakoze hari abamuvumbuye kubera ko ibyari biteganijwe gutangazwa kuya mbere z’ukwa Gatatu bisa n’ibyapfubye kubera ko amashyaka ane gusa ariyo yemeye gusinyana na Twagiramungu. Ndetse muri aya mashyaka ane igitangaje ni uko ishyaka rya Dr. Paulin Murayi ritigeze ryitabira ibi biganiro kubera ko ubwo Murayi yayoboraga inama ya mbere yari yavuze ko ayiri mo ku giti cye, ko nta shyaka ahagarariye, ndetse ishyaka rye rikaba ryaravutse nyuma y’ibiganiro bya kabiri. Kuba rero iri shyaka rya Dr. Paulin Muraray ryaravutse rigahita riboneka mu basinye gushyira ho iyi Mpuzamashyaka, ubwabyo birerekana imikorere idahwitse ya Faustin Twagiramungu n’abo bafatanije.
N’ubwo ibuye ryagaragaye riba ritakishe isuka iyi migambi ya Twagiramungu iramutse igezwe ho amashyaka ya opozisiyo nyarwanda yose yazahahombera ariko cyane cyane FDLR n’ubundi isanzwe itorohewe.
Banyamashyaka rero musabwe kurangwa n’ubushishozi bwinshi muri ibi bihe bikomeye.

Indi Nkuru Bijyanye: