Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who is the best in the NBA today?

Who is the best in the NBA today? Let’s keep it simple obviously it comes down to the month long highlight reel Kobe Bryant and of course The King, Lebron James. How could you say any different, it’s in the statistics. The only concern i have with Kobe is, has he committed to team ball or is this his last hope for another ring. Personally I am not the biggest Kobe fan but yes i do believe that he has gone from a one man sow performance to a true team player. Since the beginning of his career to present day he has gone not only from rookie to star but from selfish to selfless. An amazing but not surprising turn around in a shinning career of an NBA Allstar. All was well for kobe holding the title of the best in the NBA for nearly a decade, until a young force arose to become the NBA’s 1st overall draft pick in the 2003 NBA Draft. This kid has it all a scorer, passer, defender and a rebounder. Lebron James jumped into the NBA winning the NBA Rookie of the Year Award and just recently becoming the NBA’s Most Valuable Player.So who is the best player in the NBA today. Well, there’s many things to look at starting with statistics. Lebron has a Eastern Conference Title, an MVP Award and a Rookie of the Year Award. Kobe has three NBA Titles and MVP Award of his own. Now I know there are more awards that i should put down but there are a bit too many to list. Anyway, to continue on about the topic of this; I want to throw out the stats of the past and look at the players both individually. Now as I said before Kobe has turned into a fabulous team player but hasn’t completely been that way to where The King has throughout his very impressive career. Kobe has impressed me with the amount of team effort he has recently put into his game but that still doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t always this way. Lebron started his career as a team player and continues to play that way. Nearly averaging a triple double throughout the 2008-2009 season, Lebron is now pressing for his first ring as well as bringing a title to Cleveland. Though I do believe that Kobe is one of the NBA’s most elite I do not believe that he is the NBA’s best player today. Now I do expect to hear a lot of responses saying that I am completely wrong and even people telling me that I’m a stupid a** for going against Kobe, but I would like to say that i give Kobe a whole lot of respect and I do believe with out a doubt that Kobe is arguably the best player ever. If you want to give me any feed back or comment on this article I’ll be more than pleased to answer them. Thank you for reading and i hope to gain a few permanent readers for future articles to come.

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