Tens of thousands of residents flee the rebel-held town of Sake as the fighting intensifies
dCongolese flee with their belongings to avoid fighting between rebels and government troops last month. (Dai Kurokawa / EPA)
Re "Congo rebels thrive on fear and chaos," Dec. 11
The article about the situation in Congo reveals the alarming truth about Rwanda's exploitation of eastern Congo's natural resources and the unspeakable
sexual violence being committed against Congo's women. The Times was right to focus on the weak, corrupt and wholly ineffective Congolese government and on neighboring Rwanda and Uganda as the primary perpetrators in eastern Congo.
What is not mentioned is the contributing role that the United States has played in the region. We have poured billions of dollars into Rwanda since its 1994 genocide, have helped to make Rwanda the darling of the West and have led the chorus touting Rwanda as the poster child for the new, post-conflict Africa.
In essence, the United States has purged its guilt for standing idly by during the Rwandan genocide by enabling Rwandan-controlled militias to carry out another genocide in Congo — on our dime and under our watch.
Janice Kamenir-Reznik
The writer is co-founder and president of Jewish World Watch.
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