Wednesday, December 26, 2012

USA can help Rwanda to get a true democracy and Congo will be stable.

Rwanda is “the land of a thousand hills,”

USA should take a leading role in resolving Congo war. As we know today war in Congo is already killed  more than five million people and more people continue to die. The solution of Congo should be found in Rwanda. Rwanda is the main cause of what is happening in Congo and the government of Kigali should be held responsible of Genocide committed against Congolese people. Democracy in Rwanda can help Congo to become stable. USA can help Rwanda people to achieve a true democracy by stopping all aid given to Kagame regime. Rwanda today is led by a dictator President Paul Kagame who do not allow his people to speak freely and who had stolen election by preventing opposition leader Victoire Ingabire to run for president during election and put her in jail. Rwanda army should be reorganized because now the army is serving one person only President Kagame instead serving Rwandan people. Rwandan people want democracy and they cannot speak freely and under current regime they are oppressed and who ever tries to speak out is killed or put in prison. International community should stop giving Kagame a free pass in Congo and starts to hold Kagame accountable of crimes he is committing in Congo and crimes he committed in Rwanda. USA should demand Kagame to negotiate with its opponents, if Rwanda finds away to democracy and Congo problem will be easier to solve.

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